Asakusa yatai street

Asakusa yatai street

is a popular place for visitors to Tokyo. Many, however do not venture to its colorful, not-so-svelte backside.

Especially recommended on a warm day, the Koen-Dori yatai street is the place to imbibe the shitamachi culture as well as beer and Japanese junk food (note: if you're American, this is referred to as "health food"). This is a great place to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon. Bring your loquacious friends and lose yourself in the chatter and people-watching.

Make sure to bring your camera, as you are likely to see some atypical Tokyofolk (think Yoshiwara spillover, rickshaw pullers, Germans).

Sunday is a big day for horse racing fans in this part of Asakusa and you will notice that each stall has a television or two to satisfy the smokey 50 or 60 something Japanese gambler contingent. If you get lucky, you may happen to be seated next to a generous winner that needs a pal to celebrate with.

Beers are generally 500-600 for a medium mug and 700-800 for a supersize. Some places also have denki bran shots for 300. Pound!

walking down Asakusa

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