The Sixth Dimension and Other Such Metaphysical Nonsense

In a recent study by Leidheiser, Bethune & Pulv (2010), it has been shown that Ogikubo and Nishi-Ogikubo stations are right fuckin shitholes with as about as many redeeming qualities to them as East Braintree, Manitoba. Anybody who currently lives or has lived there is a total sod and should be told, as many times as possible on a daily basis, "nique ta mère fils de pute!"

I'm joking. There is one redeeming factor, and that is a small cafe/restaurant called "Rokujigen" (6次元). I would definitely suggest checking it out if you're in the area, or at least clicking on the link which DOES NOT lead to porn involving either a midget or a horse, or both.

Nice lighting, rustic decor, healthy food made from scratch, a large selection of old books to check out, and a small section that sells handmade clothes. The workers/owners are really warm and genuine; a good bunch of hip Japanese, which is nice. Prices are also pretty reasonable, but definitely nothing near franchiseplaya's level of kechi. If you ever find yourself on a date in the area, proceed immediately to the Chuo line train tracks and commit double suicide for your serious lack of judgment. That is, after you check the place out.

And for fuck's sake, respect the culture and remove your god damn shoes before jumping.

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〒167-0043 東京都杉並区上荻1丁目10−303-3393-3539


  1. I sense a lot of hostility in your post...

  2. My psychiatrist said it would be a good idea to help out with this blog.

  3. As your lawyer, I advise you to drop both the psychiatrist and some acid.