"There Are No Images in Tokyo"

"There are no images in Tokyo" quipped Werner Herzong in Wim Wenders' documentary Tokyo Ga. I beg to differ. Although, I do agree to a certain extent. If your only impression with this world-class megalopolis is the recycled cookie-cutter images of tourist traps and crowds of overworked automatons being jammed into packed trains, then yes, Tokyo has no images.

However, in this city that comprises of approximately 26% of the total population of Japan, one can venture into infinite nooks teaming with style, flavor, wabi/sabi (侘寂 - Japanese aesthetic), kitsch, tackiness, and a plethora of other descriptive nouns.


Now, the objective of this blog: to share with readers the lesser-known aspects of Tokyo and vicinity. Bars, restaurants, alleyways, nightlife spots, subculture, urban decay, kojo moe
(工場萌え - factory fetishism), music, and what have you.

I hope to have some locals and friends contribute, as well. We'll see how this works out.

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  1. I found this great place in Shinjuku called "yoshinoya"
    ever hear about it?

    haha actually Dan should give directions to that bento place near his old uni.