Some Banger Restaurants in Paris

Food was pretty intense in 

Just a quick recap:

Chez Paul - Ugh, brilliant. Smack in the student district. Not really student prices though... Ambiance was rustic as hell; lots of antiques on the walls. A big group of artsty-types were feasting next to us in the banquet-esque dinning room. Super special guest: Towa Tei (look alike). 
Creep to:
3 Rue de Charonne, 75011, Paris.
Métro: La Bastille

Resaturant des Beaux Arts in Quartier Latin - We were baked out of our collective little minds. Note: red interior will exacerbate paranoia. A good mix and match special menu was provided.
Jaunt to:
80 Rue Mazarine, 75006, Paris.
Métro: Odéon (under construction) or Mabillon.


« p. s. » Towa Tei look alikes will be a recurring theme. Keep ya eyes peeled!

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