Vegetarian Dining in Tokyo - Eat More Greens Azabu

Situated a street behind Azabu Juban dori and a few blocks from the station, this stylish corner cafe-restaurant has a good selection of vegetarian and vegan sides and main dishes including Vegan Mabo Nabe and Black Rice, Falafel and Black Bean Vegetarian Taco-rice.

The atmosphere was decent, with an open air patio and no smoking inside. A few gwai-lo on hand, but this is to be expected. They weren't the majority at least, and the Engrish on the wall and menu reinforced the fact that this was a uniquely Japanese vegetarian experience. Another pleasant surprise was the hip-hop they had bumping, which was of that rare chill, boom boom bap 90s vintage that added the unexpected dimension of me wanting to stick around even after finishing.

So, if you're a hardcore vegan (with the pitifully few dining-out options you have in this town) or even just a curiously experimental vegetarian wannabe like myself, I would recommend checking this place out for lunch or dinner. Food is reasonably priced but drinks not so. You might want to steer clear if your plan includes drinks. A Brooklyn lager or Corona will run you a cool 900 yen. This is what the locals call saifu ni yasashikunai. (;_;)

Eat More Greens

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