Fear and loathing the TPP

This little infographic was from an article entitled "Truths about the TPP that you won't hear on TV" (新婦人しんぶん 3月28日) . I'm inclined to think it's a lot of exaggeration with some basis in reality. So much fear of TPP in Japan these days.

Food safety 

- Standards on residual pesticides will loosen
- Imports of GMOs will increase
- Labeling of production area and GMO ingredients will disappear
- Food additives will increase from 800 to 3,000
- Customs procedures on imported foods will be streamlined
- The system and criteria for ensuring food safety will be lowered


A windfall for foreign health insurance companies! 
- Listed companies will run for-profit hospitals, only with cost-cutting in mind
- Through healthcare buyouts, local healthcare will be monopolized, companies will pull out of regions that are unprofitable
- High-priced healthcare not covered by health insurance will be accepted and grow
- Surgical procedures will be patented, resulting in higher prices
- Safe drugs with efficacy will become expensive and not covered by health insurance, generics will disappear


Unemployment will grow and labor conditions will worsen
- Prioritized usage of local business and foods will be prohibited for local governments and foreign companies will take all the jobs
- Free dismissal and no OT pay like the American system
- Numbers of foreign workers in low-pay positions such as nursing, healthcare and construction will increase and salaries will drop

Fear-mongering or informed journalism? 


  1. I wonder who put this out...

    1. Sorry, I should've written in English. It's the Shinfujin Shimbun, published by the New Japan Women's Association: http://www.shinfujin.gr.jp/c_4_english/index_e.html