What Would Jesus Do?

Self-styled Japanese "politician" and thousand-yard stare master Matayoshi Mitsuo, a.k.a. The Only God Matayoshi Jesus has chimed in on Osaka mayor Toru Hashimoto's comments that comfort women were "necessary" during WWII. 

The voice of reason??

Below is the comment from his official website, updated on May 15, 2013.

The Japan Restoration Party joint representative Toru Hashimoto's claim that the comfort women system was "necessary" and advice to the commander of Air Station Futenma to allow soldiers to frequent sex establishments (to help them satisfy their sexual urges) are intolerable. They do not take into consideration the circumstances and he doesn't understand the weight of his statements. They are ideas that spring out of an irrational, garbled mind. An irrational, garbled mind should not be allowed to spark controversy. This is not a party to "restore" Japan, it is a party that will cause Japan to rot.

[original text]
日本維新の会共同代表橋下徹の「慰安婦制度は必要であった。」「米軍普天間飛行場司令官への風俗業利用進言。」は内容がない、 状況を踏まえない、言葉の重さを知らない。それは彼の思慮分別のないゴチャゴチャ頭から出ている。 思慮分別のないゴチャゴチャ頭で物議を醸すのはやめるべきだ。それでは日本維新の会ではなく、日本を腐らす会だ。

http://www.matayoshi.org/comment/index.html#new (#274)

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