Top 10 Reasons Why Taito-ku is TOO Convenient

1) Public restrooms on every other street corner (as if all the alleys and crevaces weren't enough places to piss and puke)

2) Delivery alcohol (kakuyasu) -- Just another reason to get faded

3) Throw a stone, hit a train -- I have a theory that the overabundance of public commuting options keeps a lot of the residents from ever learning the rules of the road, so they end up being horrible pedestrians, bikers and drivers

4) More Chinese restaurants than China -- Discourages residents from ever going anywhere, making them insular

5) Akiba -- (Technically the main part is Chiyoda but the Akihabara address is Taito Ward) Where else can you find a universe of computer parts, animated porn, hi-end audio equipment, asian maids, kebabs and nerds in one place? Oh so convenient, yet oh so wrong.

Watch for reasons 6-10 in our next installment...

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