Top 10 Reasons Why Taito-ku is TOO Convenient (con't) 6-10

6) Car sharing schemes that let you rent in 15 minute increments -- They are ubiquitous and cheap. Just another reason never to own a car, furthering the bad driving situation.

7)Too many festivals -- You dont even need to leave the house to take part. The revellers will come circle your house multiple times to make sure you got your fill of "tradition" (drinking all day and showing off your butt cheeks).

8) Eki-mae bicycle cleanup system -- Its only a few blocks from the place the manner squad steals your bike to the compound you have to visit to pay ¥5000 to get it back...at least at Asakusabashi station.

9) 24 hr delivery prostitutes -- Not that they don't have these in other places around Japan, but I'm guessing that the sleazy Yoshiwara area supplies a lot of east Tokyo.

10) ¥50/¥100/¥150 beer places at Asakusabashi, cheap standing izakayas in Ueno, yatai street in Asakusa -- Theres no room for willpower when beer is this cheap, plentiful and fun.

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